Wheatley De Forge Foundation
501(c)3 non profit. 

Pending November 15 2021 Approval Date


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

In 2016 Wheatley De Forge LLC was formed and Mr. Wheatley opened a his own practice providing Mental Health Services. In 2018 Wheatley De Forge LLC open as a contracted provider of Medicaid and Medicare.  using the DBA Independent Counselors of Las Vegas. Located at Lakeside Business suites for two years in 2020 we gave up or space to just do telehealth from home. After several months we tried to get out space back and they refused. As a result we have been a Homeless NV business ever since.
Covid 19 has changed America forever. Easier access to Mental health treatment is needed to help people cope with the new situational issues due to Covid 19. As providers access to buildings and office space high speed HIPAA secure fiber optics has been too expensive and our of reach for far too many.  
Our contribution to the solution is the:
After years in business, as parents of adopted kids with a few challenges, as providers of mental health services during a pandemic and facing the hardship of opening up after vaccines. Our community our business needs help with a few issues and we think we can help resolve as a 501(c)3.
Provide a save clean relaxing environment for promoting Mental Health Wellness. 
Provide access to low cost Telehealth Portals with HIPAA Secured high speed internet access to Nevada Providers with current NV State license to do private therapy. In addiction to office space for one on one face to face visits, group rooms for peer to peer groups 
Provide public access to telehealth portals with HIPAA secured high speed internet access for the purpose of receiving treatment options for free / billable / Low fee. 
Provide the public FREE education on connecting and use of telehealth with our HIPAA secured high speed internet access, our device or thiers.
Provide Jobs and Job training for people with disabilities, or exiting the foster care system. 
Promote Safe, and benefits of Fiber Optics High Speed Internet. If you are curious how fast is fast for 5$ your can feel see and taste the difference of High speed Fiber Optics Internet. 


With a background in restaurants and looking for a way to afford a large space selling coffee beverages is a great way yo do that. For the Otherside Cafe everytime you make a five dollar purchase you can donate 20 minutes of internet time to a Las Vegas Student to use our Safe Secure High Speed fiber optics cable at our location or you can sign in and use it yourself.
Menu (to be determined) depends on space equipment and investment and surrounding businesses. Bakery will require an oven, mixer, prep table, refrigeration / freezer/ three compartment sink, and a dishwasher. We cannot sell deserts next to the Cheesecake factory, or open near a Starbucks 
Our app lets you order pay and donate in advance. Your account the app will connect you to our internet when you in advance for pick up, reserve office space or and telehealth portal.
A provider can see a client for one hour in a teleportal for 15 $ (5$ per 20 mins.) Providers  can also make a purchase and get internet time credit. Smart Board in Group room for Zoom meetings, trainings, student projects all for a small fee. 
A client could use our location to meet a medication provider with telehealth for 20 minutes with a five dollar purchase and in some cases qualify for free just like our CCSD students. 

Other benefits

Our cafe provides jobs but more important job training. Work with community partners like Opportunity Village another benefit is employment for people with disabilities. We would like to have a goal of 50 % of our employees on a training program for restaurant positions in a regulars work force.


Job Training Program:

for people receiving disability, or a diagnosis like a learning issue that is keeping them from finding appropriate work. 
Skills that than can use to attend a vocational school for the purpose of certification in that field or a actual career in the restaurant industry. 
Scheduling and Reservations 
Baker / Prep
Server / Order taker
In addition all participant's must have health cards, be vaccinated have stable housing, and transportation to participates in the program, and we will help in those arrangements through programs like Opportunity Village, One Stop, Job Connect, grants.  
Mental Health and Wellness
With through our partnership with Independent Counselors of Las Vegas. We are inviting Providers with group programs an opportunity to market produce / facilitate and bill for programs in the following areas. All group programs must be detailed in writing for grant funding through the foundation and or to be billable subject to the rules with through a partnership with Independent Counselors of Las Vegas.  
Group Room two hours one day a week for ten weeks.  The right format allows for 45 minutes of education and 45 minutes of peer to peer discussion. Programs dealing with the following situational or diagnosis are requested: PTSD, Grief and Loss, Seniors, First Responders,  Addictions, Gambling, Alcohol, drugs, Anger Management,
Relationships, Care Givers Group, Parents of Children diagnosed with Autism. Adults with Disabilities. We are always looking to help facilitate great ideas for community groups. 
Group rooms can be rented to anyone for a fee terms and condition apply.   
A few more Benefits
  • We advocate for mental health and wellness on a community level with the community we serve. In our attempt to show that not everyone is equal but it does not mean the individual cannot be self sufficient or contribute to the community. 
  • Safe Key after school Kids check in parent pick up. That is CHILD CARE at a non profit.  
  • Our Coffee House of Wellness could be a busy place at various times and locations, size need and getting the word out will be critical to the community. We are hoping free internet will benefit students at surrounding schools.
  • A local coffee house needs to have a Jazz Night on Friday and Saturdays for non professional high school Jazz bands to play. 7 PM to 9PM. We open to seating capacity for parent to come and listen to Jazz Music for every five dollars spent 20 minutes of free internet can be donated to the school of your choice. 10 % of all sales and tips raised from 7 PM to 9 PM would go to the jazz band performing.  
  • Where as after midnight requires and a more grown up open mic night on weekends. 
Other Issues 
To provide a safe environment we are asking that security at the entrance require everyone walk through a metal detector. Bags will be inspected. We ask that all firearms and weapons be left outside despite any permits to carry.  
We ask that all employees customers vendors and clients produce record of vaccination to enter the premises. Because some of us might be medically fragile, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  
While we go out of our way to train our employees to provide awesome Coustomer service, verbal abuse about a persons abilities will not be tolerated. 
Things to consider.
We provide access to Safe and Limited internet. everyone must log in to use the internet. Yes your history is monitor. Yes will report any illegal or suspicious or bullying activity. 
While healthcare is protected information a transactable record for payment is required.  
I see the first Otherside Cafe slightly bigger than it needs to be to push the boundaries of what the community needs as well as what we can provide and measure the response.
While I truly see the cafe making a profit a livable wage for our employees and trainees is a priority.
Our plan is to work closely with Opportunity Village to help make mental healthcare and wellness and important part of our relationship in working with people and families with disabilities. As well as safety in a public setting.

the other side logo image line white copy.jpg
here is just a short list of what we need to get started. 
1. 5000 to 7500 square feet building for commercial use.
    A. preferably a restaurant already.
    B. four + bathrooms
    C. Fiber Optics not too far away it will take over six weeks.
    D. City of Las Vegas

2. Restaurant Equipment for a starbucks and bakery 
3. Discounted rent in exchange for donation.
4. Discounted Fiber Optics Internet for a 501(c)3 IF YOUR NAME IS COX COMMUNICATIONS
5. IT Services at a discounted rate. 
6. 250K in start up funds depending on how all of the above turns out cuts